Copper Queen Mine Tour
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Roger Weller, geology instructor  Last edited:  3/25/18


Copper Queen Mine Tour
Bisbee, Arizona                                                                                                   
Mule Mountains
This is just a brief view of the Copper Queen Mine tour.                                     
It is an experience that you and your family will always remember.
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Bisbee Copper Queen Mine Tour

start tour
1. entrance to the mine tour
2. yellow slickers
3. batteries for lights
4. on the train, ready to go                                                                                                      
5. entering the tunnel
6. traveling in the tunnel
7. burnt tunnel wall
8. getting off the train
9. climbing up to the stope
10. in the stope, looking around
11. group getting a lecture
12. ceiling of the stope with malachite                                 
13. explanation of stope mining
14. portion of stope
15. colorful wall rocks #1
16. colorful wall rocks #2
17. colorful wall rocks #3
18. colorful wall rocks #4
19. colorful wall rocks-grand finale
20. climbing down out of the stope
21. heading to the mining displays
22. what it really looks like
23. ore chutes and mine car
24. drilling machines
25. loading dynamite
26. dynamite in the holes
27. cage bell
28. looking down mysterious passageway
29. slusher
30. two seater
31. end of trip
32. the little train that could