Mule Mountains and Bisbee-Views

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views of the

Mule Mountains and Bisbee

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Mule Mountains-photographs

Mule Mountains observed from the West

Bisbee observed from the West                              
Lavender Pit                                                                                      
            Aerial view
Aerial view-Lavender Pit and Old Bisbee
Aerial view-Lavender Pit and Lowell

Sacramento Hill

Lavender Pit-East side 

Lavender Pit-West side 

Acid pond at bottom of pit

            Floor of the pit 

Looking upwards from floor of the pit 

post-mining mineralization
              Chalcanthite-copper sulfate, post-mining:  1  2  3

Juniper Flats

Juniper Flats-view from above the Mule Pass Tunnel
            Juniper Flats-a granite intrusion  
Escabrosa Limestone cliffs

Intrusion within the Escabrosa limestone 

sedimentary rock formations

Cretaceous Rocks-Morita Formation

Cretaceous Sedimentary Rocks-Mural Limestone                                    

Cretaceous Sedimentary Rocks-Cintura Formation

Tectonics-Cintura Formation cut by large regional fault 
            Crossbedding in the Cretaceous Cintura Formation 

aerial photographs

Mt. Martin 

Northeast trending faults, Eastern Mule Mountains 

Warren area of Bisbee 

            Don Luis area of Bisbee 

            Old Bisbee  
            Intersection of Highways 80 and 90 
small Intrusion west side of mules

            Contact between intrusion and limestone
            Contact between intrusion and country rock
            Porphyritic nature of intrusion
            Hydrothermal alteration of intrusion
            Hydrothermal alteration of intrusion-closer view
Quartz vein in intrusion
Mule Mountains-mass wasting
            Small rock slide
            Small talus slope

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