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Roger Weller, geology instructor    last edited:  10/11/16


Huachuca Mountains


general geology

The eastern third of the Huachuca Mountains is predominantly Precambrian granite, which lies in unconformable contact with late Precambrian sediments, Bolsa Quartzite, and Abrigo Limestone near the central part of the range.  The western third of the range is a thick section of Cretaceous sediments, including a fairly complete section of Bisbee Group rocks, with several large Laramide dikes and sills present.  A fairly large granite stock, presumably of Triassic or Jurassic age, is exposed in the southern part of the range close to the Mexico border.


Maps of the Huachuca Mountains

Views of the Huachuca Mountains

online articles
1. UofA Geodaze Field Trip to the Huachuca Mountains  16 pages (new)

2. Parent Rock of Brown Canyon Sand Sample by JoAnn Deakin
3. Hayes, P.T., 1970, Mesozoic Stratigraphy of the Mule and Huachuca Mountains, Arizona:
    USGS Professional Paper, 28 p.

Published references on the geology of the Huachuca Mountains

student presentations on the Huachucas
1. Brown Canyon, Huachuca Mountains-Vincent Festa (Spring 2008)
2. Coronado National Forest, Sierra Vista Area-Carol Hardin  (Fall 2006)
3. Mines in the Huachuca Mountains-
David Swackhammer  (Spring 2007)
4. Ramsey Canyon: Water Erosion-Jarrod Swackhammer  (Spring 2007)