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James Hutton

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Overviews of Geologic Time
     Geology Needs a Time Scale-  excellent
     Geologic Time and Earth History-  excellent

Relative Age Dating

Relative Age Dating Overviews
     Relative Age Dating-   Good

     Rules for Relative Dating
     Sedimentary Rock Structures-  Good

Principles of Stratigraphy
     Stratigraphic Laws
     Steno's Principles of Stratigraphy
     Steno's Laws
     Fundamental Concepts- Relative Dating
     What is Stratigraphy?
     History of Stratigraphy-   Detailed

Principle of Superposition
     Law of Superposition- Wikipedia
     How Can We Apply The Law of Superposition?
     Superposition in Archaeology

Principle of Original Horizontality
     Principle of Original Horizontality-Wikipedia
     Principle of Original Horizontality

Principle of Original Lateral Continuity
     Principle of Lateral Continuity- Wikipedia
     Law of Lateral Continuity
     Principle of Original Lateral Continuity

Principle of Cross-Cutting Relationships
     Principle of Cross-Cutting Relationships- Wikipedia
     Example of Cross-Cutting Relationships
     Fault Examples of Cross-Cutting Relationships

Principle Of Inclusions
     Law of Included Fragments- Wikipedia
     Principle of Inclusions- YouTube Video
     Principle of Inclusions 2-  YouTube Video

Principle of Faunal Succession
     Principle of Faunal Succession- Wikipedia
     History of the Principle of Faunal Succession
     William Smith and the Principle of Faunal Succession
     Principle of Faunal Succession

Absolute Time Dating Techniques

Radiometric Dating Overview
     radiometric Dating- Wikipedia     good
     Radiometric Dating and the Geologic Time Scale
     Radiometric Dating- USGS
     Radiometric Dating Methods
     Radiometric Dating-  YouTube Video
     Chronometric Techniques
     Radiometric Age Dating

Radioactive Half-Life
     Radioactive Half-Life
     Half-Life- Wikipedia
     Half-Lives of Radioactive Isotopes
     Simple Explanation of Half-Life

Carbon-14 Dating
     Carbon-14 Dating
     Detailed Explanation of Radiocarbon Dating
     Radiocarbon Dating- Wikipedia
     How Old Is It?- Carbon-14

Potassium-Argon Dating
     Potassium-Argon Dating- Wikipedia
     Chronological Methods- Potassium-Argon dating
     Potassium-Argon Dating Techniques-
     Potassium-Argon Dating- YouTube Video
     Potassium-Argon Dating- Archaeo-Info

Uranium-Lead Dating
     Uranium-Lead Dating- Wikipedia
     Uranium-Lead Dating-
     Uranium-Lead Dating Gives Date for Permian Extinction

Strontium-Rubidium Dating
     Rubidium-Strontium Dating- Wikipedia
     Rubidium-Strontium Dating of Meteorites

Fission Track Dating
    Fission Tack Dating- Wikipedia
    Short Course in Fission Track Dating

Geologic Time Scale
     Geologic Time Scale- Wikipedia
     Geologic Time Scale with Dates- Good
     Origins of the Geologic Time Scale
     Geologic Time Scale-
     GSA- Geologic Time Scale Poster
     The Geologic Time Scale- USGS
     The Geologic Time Scale- University of Calgary
     Life Forms and the Geologic Time Scale
     History of the Geologic Time Scale
     Geologic Time Scale- YouTube Video
     Development of the Geologic Time Scale

Famous Geologists Involved with Geologic Time

Niels Stensen/ Nicolas Steno
     Nicolas Steno- Wikipedia
     Fossils and the Birth of Paleontology: Nicolas Steno
     Nicolas Steno
     History of Geology-Nicolas Steno

James Hutton
     James Hutton- Wikipedia
     James Hutton- The Father of Modern Geology
     Rocky Road- James Hutton
     Uniformitarianism and James Hutton

William Smith
     William Smith (Geologist)-  Wikipedia
     William Smith
     William Smith- History of Geology
     William Smith- Father of English Geology

Charles Lyell
     Charles Lyell- Wikipedia
     Charles Lyell- Geologist
     Uniformitarianism-Charles Lyell
     Charles Lyell- Principles of Geology

Georges Cuvier

     Georges Cuvier- Wikipedia
     Georges Cuvier
     The Victorian Web- Georges Cuvier
     Baron Georges Cuvier

John Playfair
     John Playfair- Wikipedia
     John Playfair- Biography
     Significant Scots- John Playfair   detailed