List of Fears and Worries
The following is an ever-growing list of fears and worries that is actively
being promoted by the media. 
Notice how many are related to geology and the environment.
(More are continually being added.)
Don't worry! Be Happy (delusional)!
And you wonder why you have headaches and ulcers?

abandoned mine shafts
acid rain
acid reflux
acid snow
adult attention deficit
adult children moving back into parents' homes
aircraft collisions
aircraft controllers being furloughed
aircraft controllers sleeping on the job
airplane crashes at air shows
air pollution from industries in China
alligators in Florida
aluminum wiring catching on fire
anthrax powder in the mail
antibiotic-resistant bacteria
antibiotics injected into livestock
arsenic in drinking water
arsenic-treated telephone poles
asbestos (carcinogenic)
asteroid impacts
autism rates increasing
bad eating and smoking habits of your grandparents will affect your health
bad plastic surgery
bark beetles destroying forests
bath salts with designer drugs
bats with rabies
batteries in aircraft catching on fire
bees dying off and loss of crops
being pushed into subway tracks
bird flu
birds being sucked into jet engines
Black Friday sale riots
black ice on roads
black widow spider bites
blood clots from sitting too long on an airplane
boa constrictors in the Everglades
brain dame due to football concussions
brown recluse spider bites
build up of selenium in agricultural areas in California
butter, oleomargarine and other fats
cadmium causing hypertension
California left without agricultural and drinking water
CAP water dissolving iron pipes
carbon monoxide from auto exhaust
carbon dioxide from smoking cigarettes
carbon monoxide from old cracked heaters
cars driving into buildings
car tires blowing out due to under-inflation
cat scratch disease
cell phones being tracked and monitored by the government
chimpanzee habitats disappearing
cigarette smoke
coastal erosion
collapse of Earth’s magnetic field and increased cosmic radiation
comet impacts
Confederate flag
Congress cannot get anything done and
Congress is about to do something we might not like
contaminated hypodermic needles
contaminated medicines
contaminated sheetrock from China
coral reefs dying off
coyotes with rabies
computer crashes and loss of data
cruise ships illnesses
cruise ships sinking
culture collapsing down to tribal behavior
dangerous side effects from medicines
debris in orbit threatening the space station
defective auto airbags
desert pavement being destroyed by off-road vehicles
diabetes rates increasing
diesel fumes (carcinogenic)
dog food from China with harmful ingredients
drinking while driving
drivers of big rigs not getting enough sleep
drones crashing into aircraft
drought induced forest fires
drug cartels and gangs
drunk drivers
drunk pilots
dust storms in southern Arizona

eating red meat
earthquake in the Los Angeles area
earthquakes due to fracking
ecoli bacteria
elephant poaching for ivory
El Nino storms
employers will not hire when they have access to your DNA
epileptic attacks from playing video games
eruption of the Long Valley caldera in California
eruption of MT. Rainier destroys Seattle
eruption of the Yellowstone caldera in Wyoming
European countries going bankrupt
everything you say on a cell phone is being recorded
exotic species destroying ecosystems

female hormones in drinking water
financial inflation due to government overprinting money
fire ants
fires from ruptured gas lines
ocean fish ingesting plastic waste or radioactivity
flash floods
flesh-eating bacteria

flooding along the Mississippi river or drought in the same area
fluoride in drinking water
food poisoning
formaldehyde fumes from plywood and particle board
forest fires
French fries and baked potatoes causing cancer
frequent fliers developing cancer from cosmic rays
frogs and other amphibians dying off
gila monsters
global climate change (also known as weather)
GMO (genetically modified organisms)
government is tracking your travels by the gps in your cell phone
ground subsidence due to over pumping
groundwater contamination from fracking
groundwater contamination from leaking gasoline storage tanks
groundwater loss due to over pumping
grade inflation
greenhouse gases
grilled meat (carcinogenic)

gum disease
hackers attackers getting into our electrical infrastructure
hair loss
handwriting no longer being taught in schools
hanta virus from rodent droppings
hematite in lipstick (carcinogenic)
high unemployment rates
holes in the ozone layer
home foreclosures
home invasions
hormones injected into beef cattle
icebergs increasing in number due to global warming
increased sales of pressure cookers
increasing autism rates
injections of silicone caulking to enlarge butts
identity theft
increased taxes
insect remains in breakfast cereal
Iranian drones

Iran with atomic bombs and missiles

IRS audits
Japanese beetle causes elm disease
killer bees
kissing bugs
Korea with atomic bombs and missiles

lack of water in the Colorado river
landslides, debris flow and creep
large crowds are potential bomb threats
large, sugary soda drinks

lead in paint
lead poisoning from pipes
lead poisoning from lead ceramic glazes
lead poisoning from lead paint
lead poisoning from lead toothpaste tubes
loss of attention span due to too much television
loss of farmland due to erosion, over farming, and construction
loss of ground water
loss of the ozone layer
loss of the rain forests
lightning killing people on golf courses
lone wolf jihadists
losing aircraft luggage
loss of privacy due to drones
maar volcanic eruptions
mad cow disease
mail bombs
market oversaturation of electronic gadgets
Medicare going bankrupt

mercury in fluorescent light bulbs
mercury poisoning from dental fillings
mercury switches
mercury thermometers
mercury in tuna and swordfish
methane eruptions from ocean depths
methane from cattle flatulence
methane from landfills
militarism of city police forces
mine waste polluting rivers
mold in buildings
micro black holes hitting earth
national debt

natural gas explosions

nearby star going super nova
Nigerian phone scams
nitrates in groundwater affects brain development
nitrates in hotdogs and bacon (carcinogenic)

North Korea
nuclear waste

offending somebody
oil leaking from drill rigs
old bridges collapsing
old drivers
outsourcing of jobs
overcooking of meat (carcinogenic)
overfishing of oceans
paper cuts while licking an envelope
paying back student loans
peanut allergy
personal drones accidentally crashing
pesticides in orange juice
phthalates in can liners, fingernail polish and plastic bottles

pink eye

pit bull attacks
plastic containers used in microwave ovens emitting carcinogenic fumes
plastic water bottles filling up land fills
plastic water bottles left in hot cars emitting harmful chemicals in water

polar bears going extinct
political action committees
poising from tattoo inks

poisonous mushrooms
porous, undefended border
post polio symptoms
potential earthquake along the San Andreas fault
potholes in roads

premature Alzheimer’s disease
preservatives in food
Putin taking over eastern Europe
pythons in the Florida Everglades
radiation from cell phones
radiation from chest X-rays
radiation from dental X-rays
radiation from power lines
radioactive cesium from nuclear disasters
radioactive iodine escaping from nuclear reactors
radioactive isotopes in sewage from hospitals

radon gas
random beheadings by ISIS jihadists
red light cameras create stress and accidents
religious fanaticism
return of polio and measles
return of the Ice Ages- planetary starvation
riding a motorcycle without a helmet
riding without seat belts

riots after football games
rising cost of college education
rising food prices
rising gas and oil prices
rising interest rates
rising taxes
road rage
rogue waves
running out of fossil fuels
running out of plots for television shows
running out of space for landfills

rusting bridges
salinization of soils
saltwater contamination of drinking water in Florida due to over pumping
school busses catching on fire
seafood allergies
seafood poisoned by red algae
sea level rise due to global warming destroying coastal cities
second-hand cigarette smoke
shark attacks increasing
shark species being wiped out by popularity of shark fin soup
shortage of rare earth elements used for windmills
silicosis from dust storms
siltification of dams
sinkholes in Florida and other areas
skunks with rabies

soccer riots
Social Security going bankrupt
solar flares overloading electrical transmission systems
solar flares wiping out communication satellites
someone is going to confiscate your gun
space junk falling out of orbit
species nearing extinction
spinach causing kidney stones
spinach contaminated by bacteria
spontaneous human combustion
stabilized gliders catching on fire
stock market crash due to twitter rumors
strip mining for coal and oil shale
sugar substitutes killing off the good bacteria in your gut.

sulfur dioxide from  burning high sulfur oils and coal
sunlight causes melanoma
sunlight causes wrinkles
super electors in political primaries
texting while driving
tea causing kidney stones
teeth damaged by acid fruit drinks
termites destroying your home
texting while driving
tired air traffic controllers
tornado belt
traffic cameras
train derailments
tungsten causing leukemia
tunnel carpal syndrome
ultraviolet radiation from the sun, tanning booths, and fluorescent light bulbs
undercooking of meat (bacteria)
underinflated tires overheating and blowing up
uninsured motorists
unwashed hands

uranium pollution from the burning of coal
vitamin D deficiency
voter fraud
water heated in microwave ovens exploding and causing injuries
wearing jeans that are too tight
weather changes produced by large scale volcanic eruptions

West Nile virus
whales beaching
worrying that the glue on an envelope contains a poison

Valley fever
Vegans will prevent us from eating hamburgers
Yellowstone magma chamber erupting
you cannot purchase health insurance when your DNA is analyzed
Zika virus from mosquitoes causing birth defects

Sponsored by the Southern Arizona Antigravity (Levity) Research Group
Roger Weller, Director
last edited:  2/17/16