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earthquakes and tsunamis
          New Madrid Earthquakes-
                        Nancy R. Chase  (Spring 2010)
          Mexico City Earthquake-
Jose Guerrero (Fall 2014) 
          Great Sonoran Earthquake of 1887-
Percy Childs (Fall 2012)
          Earthquakes of 2010-
Nicole Martinez  (Spring 2010)
- Carmelyn Reyes  (Spring 2005)
Earthquakes- Ian Leavelle  (Spring 2010)
   Earthquakes- Lauren Williams (Spring 2012)
Measuring Earthquakes-
                        Jessica Downer  (Spring 2005)
  The Dragon Jar or the Dragon Crock?
                        Eder-Lyn Dayrit (Spring 2012)

Earthquake Danger-Los Alamos, New Mexico?
                        Catherine Kilgore  (Fall 2006)
  Shake and Quake of 1989 (San Francisco)-
                        Victoria Martinez (Fall 2009)
             The Great Chilean Earthquake of 1960- Vanessa Braggs (Fall 2015)

     The Great San Francisco Earthquake- Darion Jones (Spring 2013)
 4:31 a.m., Inside the Northridge Earthquake-

                        Joshua Humphrey (Spring 2011)
      Northridge Earthquake- Jeannete Rivera (Fall 2009)
Subduction Zone Earthquakes- Michael Rader (Spring 2011)
 Cascadia's Coming Calamity- Carolyn Harris  (Fall 2012)
Tsunami Warning System-
                        Dawn Stuckey  (Fall 2006)
Beautiful Guam and the Adventurous Earthquakes-
                       Cecelia Villa (Fall 2008)