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     Geology of the Dragoon Quadrangle
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Roger Weller, geology instructor    copyright 2018-R.Weller 

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List of Plates
   1. Geologic map of the dragoon quadrangle
   2. Geologic sections in the Dragoon Quadrangle
   3. Stratigraphic sections of the Abrigo formation
   4. Stratigraphic sections of the Martin formation
   5. Structure map of the Dragoon quadrangle
   6. Geologic map of the Johnson area
   7. Geologic map and section of the Moore and Mammoth mines
   8. Composite level map of the Republic mine, showing stopes
   9. Selected levels of the Republic mine, showing geology
  10. Cross sections through the Republic mine
  11. Geologic map and sections of the Keystone-St. George area
  12. Maps and section of the Centurion mine
  13. Geologic maps-Bluebird, Little Fanny, Tungsten King mines