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edited:  12/20/15

Textbook of Systematic Mineralogy
  by Hilary Bauerman, 1881, 362 pages

Searchable Table of Contents
      I.   Preliminary- page 1
     II.  General Principles of Form- page 6
    III.  Cubic System- page 37
   IV.  Hexagonal System- page 73
    V.  Tetragonal System- page 112
   VI.  Rhombic System- page 128 (Orthorhombic)
  VII.  Oblique System- page 145 (Monoclinic)
 VIII.  Triclinic System- page 156
   IX.  Compound or Multiple Crystals- page 163
            Twinned Crystals- page 166
            Distorted Crystals- page 184
    X.  Measurement and Representation of Crystals- page 190
   XI.  Physical Properties of Minerals- page 203
            Cleavage- page 205
            Fracture- page 209
            Hardness- page 210
            Specific Gravity- page 213

  XII.  Optical Properties of Minerals- page 218
            Double Refraction of Calcite- page 237
            Polariscopes- page 246
            Refractive Index Tables- page 277
  XIII. Optical Properties of Minerals (continued)- page 280
            Color- page 281
 XIV. Thermal and Electrical Properties of Minerals- page 291
            Thermal Expansion- page 291

            Magnetism- page 297
  XV. Chemical Properties of Minerals- page 298
            Blowpipe Analysis- page 299
            Fusibility Tests- page 302
            Flame Color Tests- page 304
            Heating on Charcoal- page 306
            Tests by the Wet Way- page 312
 XVI. Relation of Form to Chemical Composition- page 333
XVII. Association and Distribution of Minerals- page 345
         Index- page 363