Geology of the Chiricahua National Monument

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Guide to the Volcanic Geology of the Chiricahua National
 Monument and Vicinity, Cochise County
by John S. Pallister, Edward A. du Bray, and
 Douglas B. Hall, 1997
 pamphlet to accompany
 U.S.G.S. Miscellaneous Investigations Series Map I-2541, 11p.

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cover page
   page 1 - introduction
               -Precambrian time
               - Paleozoic time
   page 2 - Mesozoic time
               - Cenozoic time
   page 3
   page 5 - geological points of interest
               - glossary
   page 6
   page 7
   page 8
   page 9 - suggested additional reading
               - general geology
               - volcanology
               - Turkey Creek caldera
   page 10 - description of map units
   page 11