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 Short cuts to photographic collections:                                            
   Minerals     Bisbee Minerals    Fluorescent Minerals   Opals                                                                                
 Rocks    Fossils    Gemstones    Meteorites  

  Subject Index for Geology Home Page  New
USA Earthquakes-2017 
  Plate Boundaries Using Google Earth 
  The Search for Meteorite Impacts-Canada
 Geology Exploration Using Google Earth 
  Andes Mountains: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Mines  

   Physical Geology***                                                                                                                                                
  Physical Geology Illustrated Vocabulary
 Mineral Identification Lecture
 Student Presentations (331)                                                                
    Best Geology Videos on You Tube (623) 
    Musical tour of the Universe  (favorite intro fun spot)  

    contents: (3500+ views)                                                                                                                                                                        
    Photos of minerals
**, Bisbee minerals                                                                              
    fluorescent minerals, minerals by chemical groups,                                                                        
    mineral identification lecture, mineral videos,
    chemical weathering of minerals lecture,
    Herkimer Diamonds
 contents: (825 views)
   photos of crystals and crystal models,
   how to grow crystals, drawings of twinned crystals,
   textbook on crystallography                                              

    contents: 1276 views, illustrated rock vocabularies,
    articles on rocks, videos of rocks
Volcanoes and Igneous Rocks
contents:  527 views, illustrated volcano vocabulary,
    articles on volcanoes, videos on volcanoes, photos of
  igneous rocks, illustrated igneous rock vocabulary,
    articles on igneous rocks, igneous rock videos

  contents: map of current world earthquakes,                                                            

    illustrated earthquake vocabulary, articles,
    earthquakes USA-circular patterns, videos
    of earthquakes and tsunamis

  Folds and Faults 
    contents: 73 views of examples, plus
    illustrated vocabulary
  Plate Tectonics 
    contents:  Plate tectonic margins using Google Earth,
    illustrated vocabulary, articles, videos                 
  Regional Geology                                                          
   contents: (1700+ views) geology links by state,
    virtual geology field trips**, tours of interesting places**,                               
    top geological locations-USA, USA geology maps,       
    regional geology articles   
    contents: articles on mining and use of earth materials,                                     
    mining videos

   Fossils and Geologic Time                                                                                          
    contents:  1564 views                                                                                                
    Photos of Fossils, Invertebrate Fossil Links,
    Historical Geology Articles, dinosaur videos,
    Fossil Videos, Geologic Time Links

    contents:  (2400+ views)                                                             

photos of gemstones, opals. ocean jasper                         
    online articles, gemstone properties, videos

  Mars Explored
a collection of Mars websites:                                                                                      
     Mars Landforms**,
Distribution Patterns of Mars Landforms,                                                                       
     Mars Named Features**, The Dunes of MarsMawrth Vallis**,                                          
     Vacation Photos, Scars on Mars of Ancient Floods and Rivers**,                 
     Also, web links of Mars: geology references, maps, and videos

   Meteorites and Impacts  
    contents:  (242 views)
    photos of meteorites, meteorite links,
    meteorite impact references,                                                  
    best earth meteorite impact craters
    meteorite impact videos

   Planets and Moons
    contents:  lunar craters with cracked floors,                                             
    moons of Jupiter, Online Articles,
    Solar System videos, Space Weather Link

  Arizona Geology                     
    Arizona Geology Links on the Internet
    Interactive Arizona Geology Map
    Geology of Southeastern Arizona
    Stratigraphy of Southeastern Arizona                                                                                                                                         
Geologic Maps of SE Arizona     
    Resume Of Arizona Geology                                                                                   

    Geology of the San Pedro Valley
    Geology of the San Bernardino Volcanic Field

    Arizona Virtual Geology Field Trips
    Flagstaff Area Volcanics  
    Grand Canyon lava flows 
    White Mountains volcanic area 
    Arizona Geological Survey-Home Page
    Bibliography of Arizona Geology
    Geology of Bisbee- Ransome 1904** 
    Dragoon Quadrangle-1964*

    Mesozoic Stratigraphy-Huachucas                                

   Special Topics
    Hiking Dangers in Arizona 
   Biggest Crystals 
    Tucson Mineral Show Photos 2010
    Tucson Mineral Show Photos 2014                                       
    Outside Contributors 
    Specialized Geology References
    USA Radar Weather  
    Geology Tours of Interesting Places

  Special Lectures
    Mineral Identification Lecture   
Basaltic Volcanism- A Quick Guide                                                   
    Chemical Weathering of Silicate Minerals 
    Herkimer Diamonds- Crystals and Inclusions   

Roger Weller's Geology Class**
at Cochise College
    GLG 101-R.Weller's class for Spring-2018**

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