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 Short cuts to photographic collections:   
   Minerals     Bisbee Minerals    Fluorescent Minerals   
 Rocks    Fossils    Gemstones    Meteorites  

   Mars Explored  (new)
a collection of Mars websites:
     Mars Landforms,
Distribution Patterns of Mars Landforms,  
     Mars Named Features, The Dunes of MarsMawrth Vallis,
     and Mars Vacation Photos                 
     Also, web links of Mars: geology references, maps, and videos

   Physical Geology                                                                                                                                                
   Physical Geology Illustrated Vocabulary***
  Student Presentations (331)
    Best Geology Videos on You Tube (489)   
    Opal's Pals- geology cartoons (141)
    Outside Contributors

Minerals (new)
    contents: (3500+ views)
    photos of minerals, Bisbee minerals

    fluorescent minerals, minerals by chemical groups,                                                                        
    mineral identification lecture, mineral videos,
    chemical weathering of minerals lecture

  Crystals (new)
 contents: (825 views)
   photos of crystals and crystal models,
   how to grow crystals, drawings of twinned crystals,
   textbook on crystallography

    contents: 1217 views, illustrated rock vocabularies,
    articles on rocks, videos of rocks

  Folds and Faults  (new)
    contents: 73 views of examples, plus
    illustrated vocabulary

  Plate Tectonics 
    contents:  articles, videos  

    contents: articles on Mining and use of earth materials,
    mining videos

   Historical Geology and Fossils                                                                          
    Photos of Fossils 
    Student Presentations  (60)

    Invertebrate Fossil Links
Time Links

   Gemstones  (new)                                                                     
    contents:  (2400+ views)
photos of gemstones, opals. ocean jasper
    online articles, gemstone properties, videos

   Meteorites and Impacts
    contents:  (170+ views)
    photos of meteorites, meteorite links,
    meteorite impact references

   Planets and Moons
    contents:  lunar craters with cracked floors,
    moons of Jupiter, Online Articles,
    Solar System videos, Space Weather Link                                                    

    Recent Earthquakes for the World
    New Earthquakes-USA

  Regional Geology
    Regional Geology by Students (87)
    Top Geological Locations in the U.S.A.

    USA Geology Maps  (85)
    Virtual Geology Field Trips (1589)
    USA Geology Links-by State                                                                        

  Arizona Geology
    Arizona Geology Links on the Internet
    Geology of Southeastern Arizona**
    Stratigraphy of Southeastern Arizona                                                                                                                       
Geologic Maps of SE Arizona     
    Resume Of Arizona Geology

    Geology of the San Pedro Valley**
    Arizona Virtual Geology Field Trips
    Arizona Geological Survey-Home Page
    Bibliography of Arizona Geology
    Interactive Arizona Geology Map
    Geology of Bisbee- Ransome 1904                                     

   Interesting Topics
   Musical tour of the Universe  (favorite fun spot)
    Biggest Crystals 

    Tucson Mineral Show Photos 2010
    Tucson Mineral Show Photos 2014
    Hiking Dangers in Arizona 

    List of Fears and Worries
    Quotes and Oxymorons
    Info on Google Earth 
    Specialized Geology References
    USA Radar Weather  
    Geology Tours of Interesting Places
Flash Earth  (a map viewer of the Earth)

Roger Weller's Geology Class
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   GLG 101-R.Weller's class for Fall 2015

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