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Photographic Databases
 Minerals (2912)

Rocks  (1217)

     Photos of Rocks (1217)

Crystals  (394)

Fossils  (1535)


Educational Resources for Physical Geology
(standard sequence)

     Atoms, Elements, and Radioactivity
     Minerals and Crystals
     Volcanoes and Igneous Rocks
     Sedimentary Rocks
     Mass Wasting
     Rivers and Streams
     Groundwater and Caves
     Wind and Deserts 
     Folds and Faults
     Plate Tectonics

Educational Resources for Historical Geology
     Historical Geology Links

Subject Index for All Topics

Additional Geology Resources
     Geology of Bisbee and Cochise County, Arizona 
     Arizona Geology
     Regional Geology
     Meteorites and Meteorite Impacts-Earth-forming processes and events
     Gemstones-applications of the physical properties of minerals
     Mars Geology-comparison with geologic features on Earth