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Our place in the Universe
Big Bang theory*
properties  of matter
atomic number    atomic mass number 
        isotopes    proton and electron
   nuclear fusion
        radioactivity-alpha decay   ions

hardness-resistance to scratching        hardness-teeth

        hardness-diamonds      hardness-talc      crystal structure
        calcite-dogtoothspar     silica tetrahedron
        conchoidal fracture    friability    fracture    mica book   
        cryptocrystalline    phantom crystal   density
        fluorescence   magnetic *   toughness *     feldspar
transparency *

        gemstones-cabochons     gemstones-faceted gemstones
        carat   karat

igneous rocks
        rocks-intro    igneous rocks    magmatic stoping 
        gravitational magmatic segregation   pumice
        porphyry and phenocryst    vesicular basalt *
    shield volcano   cinder cone   flood basalt   maar  

        volcanism-lava   fumarole   pillow lavas
        Aa lava
    composite volcano   partial melting                               
        hydrogen sulfide/sulfur dioxide   viscosity
        sill   laccolith   pluton  assimilation
        Weller's spaghetti theory of magma *   rock cycle *

weathering and soils
soil layers     leaching    caliche 
        hematite    boulder    saprolite

sedimentary rocks
 chalk    immature and mature sandstones
conglomerate    breccia    mud cracks   amber
evaporites   halite/sylvite    graded bedding
metamorphic rocks
        marble  country rock *   epidote   garnet
  contact metamorphism   regional metamorphism
    sillimanite   diamond formation
mass wastage
creep    scarp    slump    hockeystick tree
streams and rivers 
        stream energy    stream competence
        erosion/deposition    stream profile/base level
        stream load    gravel bar    sheetwash
        point bar    outer bank erosion    headwaters *
   laminar and turbulent flows
        entrenched meander    drainage basin   levee
groundwater and caves

artesian well     natural spring
        water table    cone of depression
porosity    permeability    hydraulic head                              
        stalactites and stalagmites    aquifer
        geothermal gradient     making a cave
        groundwater costs    contaminant plume
        living cave *
        glacial ice-firn    fiord *
wind and deserts
        sand dune-barchan    alluvial fan  
        saltation of sand
        epicenter     Mercalli scale   aftershocks
        seismogram    P and S waves
focus and epicenter     animal behavior *
inner structure of the Earth
        anticline fold    syncline fold      normal fault  
strike slip fault    thrust fault     folds
plate tectonics
        subduction and Benioff zones    partial melting
        convection    seafloor spreading     trench
        formation of mid-Atlantic Ridge *

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