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The Virtual Geology Museum is dedicated to the enjoyment of the wonders of geology.
The museum is housed in the invisible and mysterious world of the Internet.

Admission:                Free      
Hours of operation:   Sunday through Saturday, all day (and night)
                                 Stay as long as you want to!
Benefits:                    no walking required, no parking problems

Attractions and Educational Aids:  16,000+ web pages
Hall of Minerals                        
    Hall of Rocks  
    Hall of Gemstones   
    Hall of Fossils     
    Hall of Meteorites     
    Arizona Geology  
    Virtual Geology Field Trips                                                                  
    Physical Geology Illustrated Vocabulary                                                       
    Educational Resources
    Planetary Geology

Mars Explored
(geology cartoons)
 (also check my other cartoons- Den of Levity)

Number of visitors: 3,914,000 from 214 countries as of 5/7/15
and 9,148,000 page views on index pages.
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