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vanadinite crystals 

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   Photos of Minerals  
3234 organized views of minerals

quartz crystals 

     Minerals Organized by Chemical Groups


Mineral Identification Lecture-Illustrated

pyrite crystals 

   The Minerals of Bisbee, Arizona

Bisbee is a world famous location for minerals.  It is most famous for its azurite
and malachite. (527 views)


    Articles on Elements and Minerals
   produced by Cochise College students  

twinned crystals of staurolite 

    Illustrated Vocabulary on Minerals-Cochise College
    definitions along with photos and illustrations

botryoidal marcasite

    Fluorescent Minerals


     Chemical Weathering of Silicate Minerals- Lecture

feldspar weathering to clay


     Herkimer Diamonds- Crystals and Inclusions 

     Videos on Minerals
       50 mineral videos