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glacial striations in Montana

     Have you ever read an article about a geology topic and wished that there was more
visual information than the one or two small photos that came with the article? 
Now you can go online with Google Earth and explore the area, make measurements,
view from different angles and elevations, add highlighted spots, and even outline features.


    Google Earth can be easily down loaded and it is FREE.

    The following is a collection of my geology projects that will show you what you are
capable of doing with Google Earth.

Index of Projects  (32)
 Andes of South America: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Mines
           Arizona- Flagstaff Area Volcanics
           Arizona- Grand Canyon lava flows
           Arizona- San Bernardino Volcanic Field
Arizona-White Mountains volcanic area
           Oregon- Volcanoes of the Cascade Mountains
           Oregon- Volcanoes plus mapping techniques
           Mexico, Baja California- distribution of volcanoes
           Mexico-Pinacates Volcanic Field
           Mexico, South- Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics
           Montana- Radial dikes
           New Mexico- Radial dikes
     rivers and streams
River Features
           Northern Africa-Desert Rivers
           Wyoming- Dendritic Drainage Pattern
glacial features
Canada- Glacial striations in eastern Canada
           Montana- Glacial striations adjacent to Rocky Mountains
sand dunes
           The Beautiful Sand Dunes of Africa
           Arizona- Earthquakes 2012 to 2016
           USA- Circular earthquake patterns
           Oklahoma-Earthquakes and Oil Wells
           Montana- Folded layers of rock
           Australia- Folded layers of rock
           Arizona- Joint systems adjacent to Meteor Crater

     plate tectonics

           Mexico, Sinaloa and Chihuahua- Trail of hotspot
           Mexico, South- Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics
     economic geology
           Wyoming- Oil wells
           Western USA- Ore deposits and mines
           Russia- Ore deposits in the Ural Mountains
     historical geology
           Arizona- distribution of petrified logs in the Petrified Forest
 meteor impact craters
           Australia- A newly discovered impact crater
           Best Preserved Meteorite Impact Craters on Earth
           Eastern Canada-Circular Features

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