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Roger Weller, geology instructor 
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The Petrified Forest in Arizona is one of the Earth's most impressive collection of
fossils.  Silicified logs many tens of feet long litter a large area.  The color of some
of these fossils is also spectacular.

For more views of the Petrified Forest, click here:  HERE

How can Google Earth help you to explore the Petrified Forest?

Location of the Petrified Forest in Arizona

latitude:  34.816      longitude:  -109.865     

view of the boundaries of the Petrified Forest and the area where the logs are concentrated
The tools accompanying Google Earth can be used for drawing lines and providing captions.

The petrified logs occur in two clusters: a West cluster and a larger East cluster. 
The green lines are the location of roads within the park.

a close view of the West cluster of petrified logs along with the park headquarters

the larger East cluster of petrified logs (hundreds of logs)

As you zoom in close using Google Earth, the scene can be tipped at an angle, giving the impression that
you are flying over the area.  Many logs are quite visible.

By using the measuring tool that accompanies Google Earth, you can not only measure the length and
width of the logs, but you can also draw lines on the logs marking their positions.  These lines can also be
assigned your choice of color and line width using the tools that accompany Google Earth.  Statistical
studies can can be preformed on the orientations of the logs, density of concentration, and lengths.


Here is an example of how much detail you can see, zooming in even closer.

Just credit photos to Google Earth/R.Weller/Cochise College.