Andes of South America:
                   Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Mines

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Volcanoes and Igneous Rocks 
Roger Weller, geology instructor 
last edited:  4/3/18  

The Andes Mountain are located along the western coast of South America.

Besides being the best example on Earth of oceanic crust diving beneath
continental crust, the central Andes has some of the most spectacular examples
of volcanic features.

Plate Tectonics
The Peru-Chile Trench and the Nazca Plate
  (1 view)
     distribution of volcanoes  (4 views)
     distribution of volcanoes of the central Andes by size   (15 views)
     examples of young volcanoes-  set A  (6 views)
     examples old, weathered volcanoes-  set A   (7 views)
     examples of highly fractured and weathered volcanoes-  set A  (8 views)
     "ghost" volcanoes-all that is left of volcano is a circular pattern:  examples  (14 views)
     examples of spectacular lava flows   set A (6 views)   set B  (6 views)
Tectonic Features
     distribution of earthquakes and relations to volcanoes, linears, and open-pit mines   (7 views)
     deep earthquakes and the Benioff zone   (5 views)
     linear features (drainage, ridges, valleys, faults)   (14 views)
     examples of folds- index   Set A   Set B   Set C
     distribution of open-pit mines   (11 views)
Unexplained, Large Circular Features
     distribution of large circular features
Online References

     list of references

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