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 The petroleum industry plays an important role in the economics of Wyoming.  Many have heard of this
statement but few realize how large the petroleum industry really is.

Overview of Wyoming from Google Earth


     Here is a map of over 4000 well sites.  I identified each site individually by zooming in on Google Earth
and looking for oil pumps.  This process required a great detail of time and patience, but I can show the
information, not just talk about it.  I also separated the areas of drilling into three clusters.

The first cluster in in the Southwest corner of Wyoming.  The area of oil wells is more than 100 miles long
and up to 20 miles wide.  It is a huge area with nothing but oil wells.

     Here is a closer view of the distribution of oil wells in the SW cluster.  You need to get closer in order to
appreciate the huge number of oil wells.

     The second cluster of oil wells in South-Central Wyoming.  The area is roughly 60 miles from
West to East and 70 miles frm South to North.

     Here is a close view of a portion of the South-Central cluster of oil wells.


     Finally, there is third cluster in Northeast Wyoming.  It is 100 miles long an approximately 20 miles wide.

A close view of the Northeast cluster of oil wells

     Here is a closer view of the oil wells arranged in an almost geometrical pattern.  In other places the
locations of oil wells almost seem to be at random because of obstructions such as stream channels. 
There is nothing in these huge areas except oil wells and roads connecting the oil wells.

     In order to identify each oil well, I had to zoom in and finf the oil pump.


     Here is another view of a typical oil well.

Just credit photos to Google Earth/R.Weller/Cochise College.