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USA Earthquakes for 2017 

Roger Weller, geology instructor 
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California and Nevada
all earthquakes for 2017*
*California is the exception of the coverage; only earthquakes from 3.0 and larger or
earthquakes deeper than 17.5 kilometers were recorded.  So many earthquakes occur
along the western side of California that it would have been just a solid blur of small
circles.   However, all earthquakes in the Los Angeles region were recorded because of
the high probability of a large earth quake.  All earthquakes in Nevada were posted.
The Pacific coast of California and the western half of Nevada were

the most active areas in 2017.


                                     Earthquake data is from USGS Earthquakes of the Week. 

     Earthquakes during 4 month periods during 2017 were quite consistent
in location and frequency

#1-earthquakes for January to end of April 2017


2. earthquakes for May to end of August 2017

3. earthquakes from September to end of December 2017


all earthquakes 3.4 and larger for 2017
     Large earthquakes were concentrated along western and eastern
borders of California.


all earthquakes 17.5 kilometers and deeper for 2017

     The greatest concentrations of earthquakes 17.5 and deeper occurred in
both northern and southern California.

lines connecting 4 or more earthquakes in a row
(speculation on possible fault lines)
Data on small earthquakes along the San Andreas fault was omitted.

Just credit photos to Google Earth/R.Weller/Cochise College.