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Volcanoes and Igneous Rocks   
Roger Weller, geology instructor 
last edited:  4/3/18  

     The most prominent volcanoes of the Cascade Mountains extend from
British Columbia to California, but the majority of these young statrovolcanoes
occur in Oregon.  The chain of these volcanoes is almost a straight line that
parallels the Oregon coast and is due to an earlier subduction trench.

     All views were obtained from Google Earth.

location of the major volcanoes in the Oregon Cascade Mountains

closer view of the location of the northern Oregon Cascade volcanoes

closer view of the location of the southern Oregon Cascade volcanoes

Views and elevations of the Oregon Cascades stratovolcanoes,
starting at the North and heading South

     Mount Hood- 11,239 feet
     Mount Jefferson-  10,497 feet
     Black Butte- 6436 feet
     Mount Washington-7794 feet
     Belknap Crater- 6852 feet
     Black Crater- 7245 feet
     North Sister- 10,085 feet
     Middle Sister- 10,009 feet
     South Sister- 10,358 feet
     Broken Top- 9175 feet
     Tumalo Mountain- 7329 feet
     Mount Bachelor- 9065 feet
     Diamond Peak- 8744 feet
     Crater Lake- 6181 feet (lake level)
     Mount Loughlin- 9495 feet

inclined view of the major volcanoes in the Oregon Cascade Mountains

Just credit photos to Google Earth/R.Weller/Cochise College.