Northern Africa-Ancient Desert Rivers                   
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Roger Weller, geology instructor 
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      In the deserts of northern portion of Africa, almost any land area that is not covered
by sand is dominated by ancient stream channels.  Running water is probably the most
powerful element of erosion on our planet.  Most of these streams and rivers are
completely dry now implying that in the past, the climate in this area was much more

     The most common drainage patterns for these ancient rivers are dendritic drainage
and meandering patterns.  Missing from the meandering patterns are oxbow lakes and
meander scars.  Uplift of the area created entrenched meanders and eroded the oxbow
lakes and meander scars.

     The drainage patterns, simply as patterns, are quite beautiful.


Examples of Desert Rivers
    Algeria  (22 views)
     Chad  (9 views)
     Egypt  (9 views)
     Libya  (21 views)
     Mauritania  (7 views)
     Morocco  (9 views)

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