Arizona-San Bernardino Volcanic Field
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Geology Exploration Using Google Earth
Roger Weller, geology instructor 
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     Cochise County sits in the Southeast corner of Arizona adjacent to New Mexico and Sonora, Mexico. 
The San Bernardino Valley with its volcanic field is located in the southeast corner of Cochise County. 
The San Bernardino volcanic field actually extends a short distance into Mexico.  Within the volcanic field
there are dozens of eroded cinder cones, two maars, and obvious lava flows.  Due to the rapid manner in
which basalt chemically weathers in this semi-humid environment there is plenty of rust-colored volcanic
rocks.  The youngest of the volcanoes is about 300,000 years old.  Some of the oldest features in the volcanic
field date back about 5 million years.

latitude:  31.495     longitude:  -109.205
 photo credits:  Google Earth, Digital Globe, INEGI

Photo Collections
 Overview of the volcanic field  (5 views)
     Cinder Cones  (5 views)
     Maars  (4 views)
     Lava Flows  (2 views)
     Cinder Mining  (2 views)

Additional Online Sources of Information
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