Arizona-Flagstaff Area Volcanics
                  Geology Exploration Using Google Earth
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Geology Exploration Using Google Earth
Roger Weller, geology instructor 
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Flagstaff area volcanics

San Francisco Peaks, Flagstaff, Arizona

The San Francisco Peaks and the Flagstaff area in northern Arizona has
hundreds of basaltic cinder cones.

at least 20 volcanoes in this one area

latitude:  35.386     longitude:  -111.511
 photo credits:  Google Earth

geology map of the Flagstaff area

     Sometimes a geology map contains too much information.  The following map is the same area as the
one above, but all of cultural data and streams have been painted out.  It is no much easier to see the
distribution of cinder cones (asterisks) and lava flows (2 types of pink).

geology map with culture removed

     Using Google Earth the positions of volcanoes are highlighted.  More than 350 cinder cones, some
fresh, some weathered, are identified.  More volcanoes were observed than whaty was included on the
geologic map of the area.

locations of cinder cones

 latitude:  35.199     longitude:  -111.757
 photo credits:  Google Earth, Landsat/Copernicus

oblique view of the Flagstaff area

photo credits:  Google Earth

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