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Roger Weller, geology instructor    


 Andes of South America: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Mines
           Arizona- Flagstaff Area Volcanics
           Arizona- Grand Canyon lava flows
           Arizona- San Bernardino Volcanic Field
Arizona-White Mountains volcanic area
           Oregon- Volcanoes of the Cascade Mountains
           Oregon- Volcanoes plus mapping techniques
           Mexico, Baja California- distribution of volcanoes
           Mexico-Pinacates Volcanic Field
           Mexico, South- Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics
           Montana- Radial dikes
           New Mexico- Radial dikes
     rivers and streams
River Features
           Northern Africa-Desert Rivers
           Wyoming- Dendritic Drainage Pattern
glacial features
Canada- Glacial striations in eastern Canada
           Montana- Glacial striations adjacent to Rocky Mountains
sand dunes
           The Beautiful Sand Dunes of Africa
           Arizona- Earthquakes 2012 to 2016
           USA- Circular earthquake patterns
           Oklahoma-Earthquakes and Oil Wells
           Montana- Folded layers of rock
           Australia- Folded layers of rock
           Arizona- Joint systems adjacent to Meteor Crater

     plate tectonics

           Mexico, Sinaloa and Chihuahua- Trail of hotspot
           Mexico, South- Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics
     economic geology
           Wyoming- Oil wells
           Western USA- Ore deposits and mines
           Russia- Ore deposits in the Ural Mountains
     historical geology
           Arizona- distribution of petrified logs in the Petrified Forest
 meteor impact craters
           Australia- A newly discovered impact crater
           Best Preserved Meteorite Impact Craters on Earth
           Eastern Canada-Circular Features

Mars Explored

USA Geology Maps

and many more