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Roger Weller, geology instructor    edited 3/7/18

What is the Cochise College Geology Home Page?
It is a very large, easily accessible online geological educational resource.
Geology Home Page
What educational areas does it cover?
physical geology, historical geology, mineralogy, petrology,
   crystallography, lunar and Mars geology, meteoritics, gemology,
   regional geology, Arizona geology and many other topics

How can it be accessed?
The web page is completely open on the Internet.  There are no passwords.

  Simply use the URL:
  or simply Google:  Cochise College Geology    or   Roger Weller geology

 Why was it created?

There are many reasons for its creation.
  1.   It serves as a free online textbook for the students in
        Roger Weller's physical geology class
  2.  Other geology instructors at Cochise College have used its resources for
        their own classes.
  3.  The site provides geological information not found elsewhere to millions
        of students, instructors and the general public.

  4.  It serves as a repository for information of the geology of Southeastern Arizona.
       There is little to no information about local geology in the Cochise College libraries.

  5.  The website provides criteria on how an educational website should be developed.

        Recently I have assisted in planning an archaeology website for the
        Cochise College collections with Becky Orozco.

      a. use of templates
      b. choice of font and colors
      c. extensive hyper-linking
      d. information that should be present on each page
      e. examples of a how an e-book can be created in house
      f.  It has a subject index.
      g.  students at Cochise College have generated a virtual geology library
      h. It uses a web tracker to keep track on how often it is used and who uses it.

How much has the website been used and who uses it?
 A web tracker service, Statcounter, has been used since 2003.  The service was paid for by
 Roger Weller.  There is a hidden tag placed on index pages within the website.  When a visitor
 visits a page which has the tag, the information is collected on which page was observed,
 where the visitor came from, how long they were on the pages, and many other details. 
 This information is then compiled by Statcounter.

 The current number of visitors and hits is posted on
    Statistics for the Cochise College Geology Home Page

 As of March 3, 2018 there have been 10,296,443 page view from 4,565,217 first-time visitors
 from more than 215 countries.  The actual number of page hits is much greater than the number
 presented because individual views of photos in the geology collections are not tagged.

 Examples of the types of statistics are being presented for the period of April 6, 2018 to
 March 3, 2018, an interval of only three weeks
        Countries of Visitors
        Cities of Visitors
        Popular Pages

How does the Cochise College serve the mission of the College?
     Mission- Cochise College provides accessible educational opportunities
    that are responsive to a diverse population and lead to constructive
    citizenship, meaningful careers and lifelong learning.

   a. accessible- There is a tremendous amount of geological information on the Geology Home Page.
        Most of the material is within only 3 or 4 clicks.  The website is completely open with no
        passwords required.

   b. responsive to a diverse population- Statistics gathered from Statcounter show that the website is
       widely used not only nationally but also internationally.

lead to constructive citizenship, meaningful careers and lifelong learning- Many geology departments
      across the country are linked to the Geology Home Page.  Mineral clubs, gold mining clubs, businesses,
      grade school teachers have used our photos on their web pages.  I have even been told that some of
      materials have been used by individual in obtaining M.S. and PhD degrees.  There are also articles in
      magazines and journals that acknowledge Cochise College in their publications.

  d. The Cochise College Geology Home Pages adds to national and international reputation of Cochise
      College.  I know of no other Cochise College activity or project that has added to it good reputation
      among millions of individuals across the world.

Planned Improvements to Cochise College Geology Home Page
     The photo collections, maps, reference books, field trips, and link collections are nearly complete.
The task now is to pull them together into a working sequence that will be more user friendly to the students.

     Here is a sample of the manner in which it be organized:
Physical Geology Topic Sequence-Activities and Resources

     Additional photos, links, maps will continue to be added as appropriate. 
     Currently 2 major projects are in the works:  posting a 200 page book plus maps-The Dragoon Quadrangle
and a GoogleEarth Map project- Olympus Mons on Mars in detail
What  happens when Roger Weller Leaves Cochise College?
   The Cochise Geology Geology Home Page belongs to Cochise College and it will serve as a useful
   resource to future students.  When I leave, I will remove my course information and cartoons.
   The website is in good shape; many corrections have been made.

   Recently, I have discovered a problem.  The entire website was created with FrontPage, a program that
   expired many years ago.  The only remaining copy is on my computer.  No other copies exist.  This will
   make it difficult or impossible to edit existing pages with another program.  This will have no effect on
   the photo collections.  Over the following ten years, only the link collections will slowly deteriorate as
   external links slowly disappear.