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Gemstone Videos

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Lake Superior Agate Hunting
Cutting and Polishing Agates
Fire Agate Dragon  (1:51)

Baltic Amber (20:24)                                       
Baltic Amber- part 2  (7:51)
Amber Testing  (1:49(

Digging for Amethyst
Uruguay Amethyst Mine  (1:15)                              
Amethyst Jewelry  (5:51)

Digging for Aquamarine Crystals- Georgia  ((4:20)
Colorado Aquamarine Crystals, Colorado  (2:27)
Aquamarine Color Range  (1:58)

Digging Aquamarine Crystals


Diamond Mines (44:48)**
How to Find Diamonds in the rough (Arkansas)  (1:54)
Diamonds of the Orange River  (30:20)                             
The Most Expensive Diamond in the World  (1:25)
Diamond Education  (7:03)
How to Chose a Diamond- the 4 C’s  (4:21)

Diamond Mining
How diamonds are made (lab)
Diamond cutting tool
Polishing diamonds
The 10 biggest polished diamonds
Finding a rough diamond
Blood diamonds

Glory of a Faceted Emerald (0:13)
Biggest Faceted Emerald  (0:41)
Faceted Emerald Parcel  (1:18)
Mining for Emeralds in Brazil  (2:31)
 How to buy an emerald
 $400 million dollar emerald

 World's Largest Emerald

Garnet Prospecting in Australia  (9:32)
Garnet Hunting in Nevada  (9:17)
Garnet Cutting  (4:20)
Digging out Fullarton River garnets

How to Mine for Opals  (5:19)
Large Blue Opal  (0:40)
How to Cut and Opal  (21:00)
Opal Mining in Lightning Ridge  (16:23)

Black Opal-Super Fire Opal
Australian Boulder Opals
Freda's Log Opal-petrified wood

Peridot Hunting  (2:24)
How to Find Peridot  (8:14)
August Birthstone- Peridot  (1:52)

Search for Rare Sunset Rubies  (3:57)
Blood Red Rubies of Burma   (47:13)
Rubies at the Bankok Gem Show  (6:38)

Rubies: real, synthetic and simulated
How to buy a Ruby

How to Find Sapphires  (7:47)
World’s Largest Sapphire Found in Sri Lanka  (0:46)
How to Find Sapphires in Australia

Looking for sapphires
How to buy a sapphire

Topaz Hunting- Utah  (2:32)
Rick Mining Gem Topaz  (7:21)
Facts About Topaz Gemstone  (2:38)

Hunt for Tourmaline near San Diego  (2:41)
Dig for Tourmaline at the Himalaya Mine  (1:24)
Tourmaline Gemstone Spotlight  (1:55)

Himalaya Tourmaline Mine
Family Tourmaline Adventure

Royston Turquoise Mine  (7:53)                                                       
How to Cut Bisbee Turquoise  (27:02) ***
Kingman Turquoise  (2:10)
Turquoise-Real or Fake? (5:01)