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Chapter Index
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Chapters with Spanish translations are indicated by #

Chapter 1-The Grand Overview (16)
En ingles y en espanol
Chapter 2-Atoms, Minerals, Crystals, and Gemstones (115) 

  En ingles y en espanol
Chapter 3-Igneous Minerals and Rocks (57)                                                       
# En ingles y en espanol
Chapter 4-Volcanoes and Plutons (96)                                                                      
Chapter 5-Weathering and Soils (54)
# En ingles y en espanol
Chapter 6-Sedimentary Minerals and Rocks (54)
Chapter 7-Metamorphic Minerals and Rocks 
Chapter 8-Geologic Time (25)
Chapter 9-Mass Wasting (16)
# En ingles y espanol
Chapter 10-Streams, Rivers, and Lakes (70)
Chapter 11-Groundwater and Caves (32) 
#  En ingles y en espanol                                                                               
Chapter 12-Glaciers (37)
En ingles y en espanol
Chapter 13-Winds and Deserts (30)                                       
Chapter 14-Oceans, Waves, and Beaches (20)
Chapter 15-Earthquakes (29)                                                                                                                                          
Chapter 16-Structure of the Earth (16)   
 # En ingles y en espanol                                                                                                               
Chapter 17-Tectonics:Folds and Faults (39)
Chapter 18-Plate Tectonics

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