Chapter 9-Mass Wasting
                    Physical Geology Illustrated Vocabulary
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small talus pile, Mule Mountains, Cochise County, Arizona



-is a large mass of snow that rapidly slides down a slope.



-is an extremely slow form of mass wastage.
-creep-Opal's Pals


debris flow

-is a form of mass wastage where a chaotic flow of mud and rock fragments rapidly move
down a slope.  These flows often produce a channel with boulders piled up on both sides of
the flow channel.

-Cat Mountain debris flow scar 

-Cat Mountain-debris flow channel viewed from below 

-Yosemite-debris flow-A 
-Yosemite-debris flow-B 



-is is the process of carrying away materials in contrast to weathering which causes the
breakdown of materials.


hockeystick tree

-is a tree growing on a slope with active creep tends to get pushed over; the growing tree
attempts to right itself and grow upwards, thus producing a curved base of the trunk of the tree.

-Devils Postpile-hockeystick tree-1 

-Devils Postpile-hockeystick tree-2 
-Santa Catalina mountains-hockeystick tree:  A  B
-hockeystick tree-Opal's Pals



-Under the influence of gravity, and usually with the help of some source of moisture, the side
of a hill may break loose and slide down the hill.

-landslide scarp in Colorado 

-landslide in Colorado-looking down slide surface 

mass wastage

-consists of earth materials that move down slope under the influence of gravity.
-landslide in the Malibu area, California



-is a form of mass wastage consisting of a slurry of clay and water that flows rapidly down a slope.


Point Fermin, California

-is a famous landslide location where a beautiful location overlooking the Pacific Ocean is covered
with broken roads and broken houses.


rock slide

-is a form of mass wastage where rocks are sliding and tumbling down a slope.
-rock slide in the Santa Catalinas, Arizona 

-rockslide in the Mule Mountains, Arizona 
-rock slide, Gunnison River Gorge area



-is a small cliff formed through mass wastage as a slump or landslide or through surface faulting
associated with an earthquake.

-landslide scarp in Colorado 
-scarp in Santa Monica, California
-scarp-Opal's Pals


slope stabilization

-is the process of trying to prevent landslides and other forms of mass wastage.



-is a form of mass wasting where a large block of earth materials retains most off its coherency as
the base of the block slides outwards as the top of the block drops down.
-slump in Hawaii next to lava lake 
-slump-Opal's Pals


slump block

-refers to the block of earth materials that moves during a slump.  Bottom of the slump block moves
outwards, while the top part of the slump block drops.
-slump-Opal's Pals



-consists of loose rock that has slid down a slope.

-Mt. Whitney-talus 


-Chiricahuas-talus slope 


talus slope

-is an inclined surface made of talus.

-Mt. Whitney-talus slope 

-Yosemite-talus slope  

-Mono Craters-talus slope