Physical Geology-GLG 101  
         Resources and Activities by Topic
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Roger Weller, geology instructor


Topic 1- Structure of Matter (temporary)
                 (atoms, radioactivity, crystals, minerals, gemstones)
Topic 2- Igneous Processes and Materials
                 (igneous rocks and minerals, volcanoes, plutons)

Topic 3- Weathering of Rocks and Minerals
                (physical weathering vs. chemical weathering)

Topic 4- Sedimentary Rocks and minerals
Topic 5- Metamorphism
                (Metamorphic Rocks and Minerals)
Topic 6- Mass Wasting
Topic 7- Glaciers
Topic 8- Rivers and Streams
Topic 9- Groundwater and Caves
Topic 10- Wind and Deserts
Topic 11- Earthquakes
Topic 12- Folds and Faults
Topic 13- Plate Tectonics