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 Physical Geology-GLG 101
Criteria for Term Project-Web Page

1. Deadline is Monday, April 23, 2018 classtime.
turning reports in earlier is strongly encouraged.

2. Reports can be on CDs, flash drives, or emailed. 

3.  Font style: 
Calibri, font size for text- 12 bold, spacing-1.5

4. Titles should be no larger than 18 font.


5. I prefer report to be done in Microsoft Word with the pictures pasted in.

Place photos between paragraphs!
The web editor that I am using, Front Page, scrambles photos and text together
if the text is wrapped around or to the side of the photo.

6. The end of the report should contain accurate addresses for URLs that pertain to
your topic (there should a minimum of at least 5; more are better).

7. If you wish to use someone's photo or illustration that is on the Internet for your report,
try to get permission to use the illustration. 
always credit the source.  Illustrations are very useful in making your web page interesting. 
You can use any of my photos on the geology home page, because you will not be infringing on any copyright laws.

8.  Any topic in geology will do, but try to pick one that is of interest or use to you. 
do not do a report on a topic that has already been done by previous students.
check the list of student presentations on the Cochise Geology Home Page.

Write the report as if you were trying to explain something
to the person sitting next to you.

10.  If you are stuck for a topic to work on or if you are having troubles trying to find materials come and talk with me.

11. Web page writing is different than regular report writing. 
Paragraphs are shorter and you are expected to come to the point quickly and clearly.

12. Avoid using a colored background.

13. Above all, do not wait until the last minute.

14. The report is equal in weight to a test (20%), so consider it seriously.

15.  It is difficult to set limits on the amount of text and illustrations,
but you will probably need at least 1000 words.
The report should be less than 7 screens, unless you use a lot of illustrations.

16.  If you do not wish to have your report converted into a web page, you are not required to. 
      If you do not want it to become a web page, it will not count against you. 

   You have the right to not to have your name posted
    with the title of your paper when it is posted on the Internet.

    You also have the right to not have your term paper
    posted on the Internet.

    You must let your instructor know of your choice before you turn
    your term paper in.

Suggestions for Topics  (you might think of others)


  agate formation process
  quartz crystals from Mt. Ida in Arkansas
  how diamonds are formed in Nature
  Herkimer diamonds (quartz crystals) from New York
  magnetite vs. hematite
  world's largest crystals

elements (uses, deposits, minerals, value)






  dyed howlite
  formation of turquoise and the treating of turquoise
  jade vs. serpentine
  polishing turquoise
  how to facet gemstones
  how are the tiniest faceted gemstones are created?
  Where is sodalite found?  Why is it so rare?
  turquoise vs. variscite
  Morenci turquoise
  Wyoming jade

  Where is nickel mined and how has the price of nickel varied in the past 20 years?
  diamond mining-Colorado
  diamond mining-Australia

  coal resources of the USA
  oil reserves of the USA
  copper economics

  diamonds from new Canadian mines
  how marble is mined and polished
  future of copper mining in Arizona

  how to stake a mining claim
  tungsten mines in SE Arizona
  helium wells in northern Arizona
  marble quarries in Cochise County
  What is the future availability of petroleum?
  Arizona coal deposits and mining
  small mines in Cochise county
  The return of mining in Bisbee

use of minerals and rocks
  How much do granite countertops cost and how are they made?
  quartz used in watches (piezoelectric effect and lab-grown quartz crystals)
  powdered quartz used in prepared foods
  How and where is window glass made?
  What is the chemical reaction in the making of concrete?
  Where does asphalt come from?  When are we going to run out of it?
  What causes the weathering of asphalt?
  gasification of coal (real timely topic)
  lithography using lithographic limestone
  What is asphalt and where does it come from.

weathering and soils
  the chemical weathering of feldspar and other silicate minerals
  soil testing (looking for expanding soils)
  salinization of soils in the western part of USA
  the loss of soil due to erosion
  What soils are the best for growing certain crops, such as chilies or grapes?

space topics
  meteorite classification
  ice on Mars
  the origin of tektites
  the type of rocks found on the moon
  lunar volcanism

  coronae on Venus

volcanism and igneous rocks
  volcanic hazards in the USA
  volcanoes in Arizona
  Hopi Buttes
  volcanism is the Grand Canyon

  Is Mt. Rainier getting ready to erupt?
  Valles caldera, New Mexico

  eroded Colorado calderas and gold

sedimentary rocks

  coquina limestone in construction

metamorphism and metamorphic rocks
  contact metamorphism in Cochise County
  cutting and polishing marble
  the different types of marble
  where can be used and where it should not be used

  The 1887 earthquake in Sonora, Mexico and how if affected Arizona
  earthquakes in the Grand Canyon village area
  earthquake engineering (developing resistant structures)
  earthquakes in Yellowstone National Park
  the San Francisco earthquake
  the Charleston, South Carolina earthquake
  the Mexico City earthquake
  the national earthquake detection system

groundwater and caves
  drinking water standards
  How good is the water quality in the Sierra Vista area?
  disposal of nuclear waste
  geothermal energy-recent trends
  expanding soils

glaciers and ice ages
  glacial rebound
  causes of the Ice Ages

wind and deserts
  desert varnish
  desert pavement
  types of sand dunes
  hurricanes as geological forces
  geology of the Willcox playa in Cochise County

plate tectonics
  the Basin and Range Province in Arizona
  formation of the Himalaya mountains
  formation of the Andes mountains
  Hawaiian hot spot
  The Great Meteor hot spot
  oceanic ridge system

rivers, oceans, and lakes
  flooding of the San Pedro river
  Rio Grande river
  Mississippi river and delta

misc. topics
  carbon 14 radiometric age dating
  potassium-argon radiometric dating
  geology of Monument Valley
  How to buy maps from the USGS
  restrictions on collecting on Federal lands
  geology lab exercises for K-12 students
  areas with radon problems
  How does the Army Corps of Engineers use geologists?
  How do you become a certified engineering geologist?