Chapter 18-Plate Tectonics
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very good overall lecture on plate tectonics
2nd very good overview of plate tectonics  *required viewing

 continental drift

 Alfred Wegener- founder of continental drift

early evidence: summary of early evidence

    fit of continents  fit of continents and other evidence

    fit of mountain ranges  alignment of mountain ranges

    fit of faults

    fit of lines of ore deposits

    fit of glacial deposits  fit of glacial deposits

    fit of coal deposits

    fit of fossils-
                            Glossopteris and other fossils
                            photos of Glossopteris

                            matching patterns of fossils

    fit of layers of rock-

new evidence: summary of new evidence

    seafloor spreading- Harry Hess proposes seafloor spreading-1960

    magnetic anomalies- full lecture on magnetic anomalies and reversals
                                            simple diagram explaining magnetic anomalies
                                            East Pacific magnetic anomalies
                                            Frederick Vine- magnetic anomalies
                                            age of seafloor

    magnetic reversals- magnetic reversals and rock magnetism

    seafloor topography- spreading ridge system  (GOOD)
                                             ocean floor topography

    thickness of seafloor sediments

    radioactive age dating- radioactive age dating used to confirm magnetic reversals

    world-wide distribution pattern of earthquakes- pattern of earthquakes

    Mid-Atlantic Ridge and Iceland- Mid-Atlantic ridge topography
                                                                Mid-Atlantic ridge exposed in Iceland
                                                                Mid-Atlantic Ridge

                                                                rift in Iceland

    photography of spreading ridges

plate tectonics

    overview lectures-

    convection- convection, the driving force
                            convection animation

    tectonic plates-
                                  animation of plate movement*

plate margins
  overview of different types of plate margins
                                plate boundaries
                                types of plate boundaries

 divergent boundaries -

    spreading ridge- crustal age of seafloor

    spreading continents- satellite view of the Red Sea
                                               Rio Grande rift map
                                               Baja California rift map
                                               East African rift valley

 convergent boundaries-

    subduction (Benioff) zone- subduction zones and trenches
                                                        Benioff zone-Cascadia

                                                        Benioff zone
    oceanic crust  continental crust vs. oceanic crust

    continental crust 

    colliding continents- colliding continents

    ocean-continent collision- ocean-continent collision

ocean-ocean collision- oceanic crust to oceanic crust collision

    trench  Japan trench
                  oceanic trenches
                  oceanic trench-Central America

    partial melting

    island arcs- island arc cross-section
                           island arc formation
                           volcanic island arcs
                           Aleutian arc trench and volcanic islands GOOD

transform boundaries- model of transform movement
                                            transform faults associated with spreading ridges
                                            transform boundaries
                                            transform fault movement

    San Andreas fault- satellite view of San Andreas fault
                                        view of San Andreas fault-1
                                        view of San Andreas fault-2
                                        map of San Andreas fault

hot spot

    mantle plume- hot spots are mantle plumes

    Hawaii -topographic map of the Hawaiian hot spot trace
                   Hawaiian hot spot
                   Hawaiian seamounts
Yellowstone Hot Spot- trace of the movement of the Yellowstone hot spot
                                               Yellowstone hot spot
                                               Yellowstone volcanism