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Bisbee  Geology
    Bisbee Minerals-Photos**
    Bisbee Copper Queen Mine Tour**  
    Geology of Bisbee- Ransome 1904**
    Geology of the Warren Mining District
    Stoping in the Calumet and Arizona Mines
    Geology of the Warren Mining District
    Brief Overview on Geology of Bisbee and the Mule Mountains 
    Views of Historic Bisbee  
    Views of Bisbee      
    Geology Maps


Special Presentations

    Geology of Southeastern Arizona** (mountain range by mountain range)
    Stratigraphy of Southeastern Arizona**                                                                                                                                         
Geologic Maps of SE Arizona

Geology Field Trips- SE Arizona
     Geology of the San Pedro Valley**
     Geology of the San Bernardino Volcanic Field**
     Geology of Specific Locations in SE Arizona

Online Publications
     Dragoon Quadrangle-1964
     Mesozoic Stratigraphy-Huachucas
     Resume Of Arizona Geology