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Geology of Bisbee and Cochise County
Roger Weller, editor                          
edited: 4/9/18



         Antelope Canyon- Wendy Welch (Spring 2009)
         Babacomari River- Richard Miller (Spring 2013)   

         Brown Canyon, Huachuca Mountains-
                 Vincent Festa (Spring 2008)
         Colossal Cave, Tucson, Arizona-
                  Rose Phillips  (Fall 2006)
         Coronado National Forest, Sierra Vista Area
                  Carol Hardin  (Fall 2006)
         Ghost Towns of Cochise County, Arizona-
                  Joel Hocker  (Fall 2005)                           
         Ghost Towns of Southeastern Arizona-
                  David Jimenez  (Spring 2006)       
         French Joe Canyon, Whetstone Mountains-
                  Brenda Shannon  (Fall 2005)
         Hiking in the Chiricahua National Monument-

                  Vivian Lewis  (Fall 2005)        

         Mines in the Huachuca Mountains-
                  David Swackhammer  (Spring 2007)
         Murray Springs, Clovis Site
                  Jenna Backinger  (Fall 2007)         

         Ramsey Canyon: Water Erosion-

Jarrod Swackhammer  (Spring 2007)
         Rincon Mountains, Tucson, Arizona-
                  Jennifer Lewis  (Fall 2006)        

         San Bernardino Volcanic Field, Cochise County

                  Mollie Hobbs (Fall 2011)       
         Tombstone, Arizona Geology-
                  Kathleen Pennington (Fall 2006)        
         The Chiricahua National Park, Arizona-
                  Kim McGee  (Fall 2005)
         The Dragoon Mountains -Mark Alexander  (Spring 2006)