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Yampai Cliffs, Mohave County
*Wood, W.H., 1956, The Cambrian and Devonian carbonate rocks at Yampai Cliffs, Mohave County, Arizona: PhD dissertation, University of Arizona, Tucson, 228 p.

Yavapai County
*Geologic map of Yavapai County, Arizona: Arizona Bureau of Mines, University of Arizona, 1:375,000.
*Hafer, C., 1911, Mining in southwest Yavapai County, Arizona: Min. World, v. 34, p.639-641.

Yellowhorse Flat, Mohave County
*Billingsley, G.H., 1992, Geologic map of the Yellowhorse Flat Quadrangle, northern Mohave County, Arizona:  USGS Open File Report OF 92-0442, 17 p., 1:24,000.

Yuma County

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