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Naco Formation

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Naco Hills, Cochise County
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Natural Gas

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Navajo Sandstone
*Riggs, N., Mattinson, J.M., and Busby-Spera, C., 1986, U-Pb ages of the Mount Wrightson Formation, southern Arizona, and possible correlation with the Navajo Sandstone: EOS (AGU Trans.), v.67, p. 1249.

Navajo Springs, Apache County
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Needle's Eye, Gila County

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New River Mesa
*Ferguson, C.A., Gilbert, W.G., and Leighty, R.S., 1998, Geologic map of the New River Mesa 7.5' Quadrangle, Maricopa County, Arizona: Arizona Geological Survey Open-File Report OFR-98-12, 29 p., map 1:24,000.

*Leighty, R.S., and Holloway,1998, Geologic map of the New River SE 7.5' Quadrangle, Maricopa County, Arizona: Arizona Geological Survey Open-File Report OFR-98-12, 25 p., map 1:24,000. 

New Water Mountains, La Paz County

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Ninety Six Hills, Pinal County
*Yeend, W., Keith, W.J., and Blacet, P.M., 1977 (1978), Reconnaissance geologic map of the Ninety Six Hills NW, NE, SE and SW quadrangles, Pinal County, Arizona: USGS Misc. Field Studies Map MF-909, 1:62,500

Nogales, Santa Cruz County

*Simons, F.S., 1974, Geologic map and sections of the Nogales and Lochiel quadrangles, Santa Cruz County, Arizona: USGS Misc. Inv. Series, Map I-762.
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Normal Faults
*Fryxell, J.E., Stimac, J.A., and Reynolds, S.J., 1987, Superimposed domino-style normal faults in a Tertiary bimodal volcanic complex, Wickenburg Mountains and vicinity, central Arizona (abs.): GSA Abstracts with Programs, v.19, no.7, p.670.


Northern Arizona

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